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Friday, January 23, 2009

Skate Block 3.1

We got us some quarter pipe. $50 bones courtesy of the Dave Network, and we had something to work with. Using the only two templates left from brodahl's ramp that didn't end up in the fireplace, and Dave's new lumber, we built whats become known as "The Humbler". Max has taken to calling it "The Garrics" as well. Its janky, tiny, hard to skate and the coping, which is attached with a garden hose.. sticks way the fuck out. all of this was done on purpose, cause easy gets boring. Building things that are intentionally hard to skate is the way to go. wave of the future. the horizon, man...yeah. ironically it's been getting slayed and everyone is somehow able to learn new tricks almost daily. i mean joe's doin' fucking blunts, man. Without grabbing the nose..Damn. We put some sharp-ish, jaggy ceramic tiles i had in a bucket on it yesterday, so now its way pimp. Add that with the kill-wedge and today's newly scabbed together formica tabletop "bench/box", the ledges on the stoops, and we almost got a park goin' on out front. Brodahl should give us his quarter pipe from washougal..that would be about bitchin'... what ya think, hefe'? Any way here's Photo's from day 2.

Thrillkill goes tailsmack.

Noah transfers to the narrow end.

Max, High Five.

Lurkie McAngry goes grinding.

Thrillkill. Feebs, the hard way and travelling.


Noah is getting better, and we may have him hobbled soon.

Bumhunter. six foot arial, invert backside.

At one point during this day, a Portland roller derby chick skated by on rollerskates all geared up for roller combat and sessioned the ramp with us. she was really cool, and random encounters like that are happening daily, now as a result of this shitty thing. Its amazing. there is no other force on earth that will pull all 8 dudes around this block that skate out into the 35 degree day to hang out in the cold. skateboarding can do this and more.

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