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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Soldier's Weapon.

Soldiers Weapon was a cool little skateboard company in Longview, Washington some years ago. It was owned by two guys who ripped. Both were really nice guys who were just down to skate. No bullshit, just living to skate.
They had some good photo's in the mags and were set to make something happen. It was a fun fringe to sit on. I was on my own mission, so I never got to see what became of theirs. I don't know what happened to those guys, but I think about them once in a while and I always remember them as a good part of my own skateboarding experience.

These are just a few companies that keep it alive, just like those those two Longview soldiers I once knew.
Choose your weapons wisely.


Cold War Skateboards is a company from the Northwest. Randy promptly answered my stupid questions via e-mail, and was cool about it. he went so far as offering to put the graphic I liked, (The "Ban the Bush" ordinance) onto a different deck more my size. I was super stoked. They offer all kinds of GNAR-TOOLS for the burler in us all. They also make some kickass band boards featuring the likes of The Epoxies, The Groovy Ghoulies, and the Immortal Naked Raygun. Good Shit.


Metal Skateboards is a Jersey thing. Conspiracy surrounds this company and it's run by lifers.
The METAL WEBSITE is a conundrum in itself, a page containing Medusa's head and a pentagram. Metal stands mute, shrouded in darkness, obscured by a torn veil of deceit, and hand dipped in King Diamond. Yep.
However, like everyone else on the whole damn planet they can be found on MySpace. Check it out and then watch the trailer for the


Terror Skateboards has been on the DL, lately. Terror has some hardass, destroyin' motherfuckers on it's team. Rulers like Sage, Justin Hindry, Jamie Weller, Dober, Fat Chris, Pino, Sperm and Slob. It's been a really long hiatus for Terror but I've been hopeful. I Read in the Paying In Pain 'Zine that Terror was still a go, but i have not heard anything recently, and their website is down. Which is also sad because Terror makes my favorite skateboard of all time. The 8.67" X 32" squaretail "Scumfuck Tradition" deck is the best board i've ever ridden. I got one of the first run decks from a friend and until this year I was buying the same board everytime a new one was needed. I went so far as having friends pick them up in Portland or SD on their way through town on trips. I love that deck and have retired several. I want another one, or six. God dammit why does everything good have to end?

MM skateboards are down for the cause, and their decks are Handmade in Oregon. They make wood for Cold War and some other companies. They have a Mark "Red" Scott pro model and they also issued a FREE NEIL HEDDINGS fundraiser deck.
Buy MM stuff at Cal Skate Skateboards or Old Star Skateshop.

On that note, remember this guy?

Keep remembering.

Ummmm. Yeah.

I saw this on TV, maybe a year ago or more. It was a Prototype then, now its available on the market and It's still stupid.

Back at Carnegie Mellon University, where I completed my undergrad in drinking, they used to have something like this in which you stuffed a small woman—or man—into a little buggy and rolled them down a hill. I don’t think I watched a single match, but I think if they dressed people up like a Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger and send them into the bushes, I’d probably attend.
Apparently this suit allows you to roll in a number of positions and fly by pedestrians at about 50 mph. The full suit: $175. 6-pack of Bud: $12. 8-ball: $100. Mowing down the elderly: Priceless.

People send me photo's sometimes.

John sent me this session photo from home territory.

This is what an extremely lapped over smith on a bad 9 foot tombstone looks like. It's a make, I was there.

This fucking kid has the biggest ego ever.

Dave sent me this hydrant snap from somewhere in Missouri..

This photo of Carter, taken deep in the belly of babylon, just makes me happy.

Everything is Epic.


Pictures tell a thousand words. Thats what I hear, anyway. If the pictures HERE have anything to say, It's most likely something depressing like "WOOOOO!!!! My life is totally more fun than yours! WOO-HOOO!


THESE GUYS are are all about the fun. drehoble smokes and brushes his teeth at the same time.


EVEN MORE EPIC FUN is apparently being had on any given day here than previously thought. You can totally tell by all the video clips.

New Creature Trailer!!

These things are always awesome.
the new video is apparently called "BORN DEAD", and it looks like its gonna be killer. Check out the little kid-car rock and roll, that is some good goddamn parenting. I would totally do the same thing.