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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Lockdown Ramp (Vantucky circa '97)

This rare piece of footage comes courtesy of Nate Sherwood's YouTube account. Ya see Nate and I are from the same town and when we were youngsters and skating..say, from 1988 through almost 2000, there were only a handful of us that had been dropping slappies around town for any length of time and even fewer who had been down that whole time. this is way pre-boom skateboarding era or whatever. So we all hung out, shared our spots, weed and girls... and things were really fun. didnt matter how you skated or whatever other faction specific friction we have in skateboarding now, if you were a lifer you were equal. Some of us still feel that way, but we are fading away like a species that has finished its usefulness. whatever, not gonna lament for the good old days or whatever, shits done now.. but fuckin' nate-o came through with some old documentation of the LockDown Ramp. It was a ramp at Nate Ahlberg, Tory Merril, Nick Duzick and Jacob Weiss' house. To be correct it was in the living room. I spent most of my time there crashing on the floor. The other guy that was a non -resident-resident was "Lil' Acorn", Nick's younger brother. I miss those guys. We were constantly shredding the living room because that year was a cold, frozen-ass, bitter winter and they had torn out the only wood burning stove to make room for the instavert wall under the stairs, skateboarding was how one kept warm. That year everyone got iced in and couldn't go anywhere for like a month, so it was named the LockDown Ramp. She was the hotel california of miniramps, once you dropped in you could never leave. It was in downtown Vancouver in a rental house, it had two vert pillars, was maybe 4' tall at coping and the front door opened exactly enough to drag a keg through it before hitting the deck. it was super extra super fun. So cheers to Nate for letting me see our old spot again!


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Show Me Pools, STL

i was gonna embed the video to hype up those goons shit, but Lil' Buck disabled the embed code, fucking selfish fuckers. so copy that link and see pool/park footage. it's pretty decent.

hermann's Hole- STL

looks sick! I almost would go back to S^TL to skate that, but we have i think 4 new parks this year with bowls...

good job STL folks! particularly Lil' Buck, JP and Lynch.

Texas Sauce.

-Pod Photo-

New Sauce is out...issue numba seven. Pod's shit is way hyphy. get it at shrunk or from Pod's hot lil' hands. This issue has non other than Al Queda Chris railing a crail-blocked skidder at a TRB Tuesday session at Donald. Chris and Pod came out with the boys to skate and Pod caught this fucking gnarly hippy stomper. He had Chris doin' this trick for quite awhile, as time went on each attempt got less crailed, and more blocked out. They were all sick, slidey and nearly every one was a make. Those fellers are super fun to have at the session, they hype shit up. Good dudes. Uh-Oh..Watch yerself, Texas Rose Boys lurking hard in the background. Could be your beer they be drankin'. It's a fucking ill photo, and for the record my pant leg is not rolled up like a gangster, its some weird color correction thing, I think. This is the session I re-jacked my knee at too. F/S air to drain..ahh the memories. Actually...Wheres that photo, Pod? help a broken brother out by forwarding a nigga's milestone to said nigga, yo! I woulda totally forgot if ya hadn't gone and run a photo from that day all pretty and colorful like.

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