Probably better to read this in a foreign language anyway.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Official Response.

I did not submit it. I didn't even know until after the fact. The color original was the only one i saw beforehand, once, the day it went down. Yeah, it got bagged on..that sucks, I admit. However, it got bagged on due to overprocessing, not cus i'm same lame 30 year old kook trying to be something I ain't. I just skate. Forget about it, magazines are pretty wack, anyhow.
Tomfoolery is a good word, though.

Moving on...

Nigga Wha..?


The raddest shit can be found on eBay.
only $1,150 cash money spendin' dollars!. I guess it's time to start putting my strange looking money into my happy little piggy's ass..


In a stupedously stupid effort to change the Earth's orbit, these folks have decided that the most scientific and reasonable approach is to have everybody jump at one time on the same day...oh yeah, I'm totally serious.

Mug Shots

Holy shit mugshots are funny sometimes.
I don't's still funny.


There has been extra hectic weather out here for the last few days. shit has been getting torn up everywhere. Super gnarly lightning storms and thunder coupled with high winds, have resulted in trailer homes all over the state moving to other parts of the state, whether they wanted to or not. we're off to see the wizard..
These folks are bummed.

What were WE doing while all this was going on?

Just living the Stag Life.