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Monday, February 16, 2009

Reggae pit stop!

this rad Jamaican born, gangster ass, straight up rasta guy cruised by skateblock today and sang for us. it was awesome. I talked to him about the realities of jamaica for awhile and damn if that aint some hairy shit to hear from the first person perspective. Jamaica is not an island paradise...unless you are white and sequestered.

Reggae Pit Stop from brian drowns on Vimeo.

Olaf The Destroyer

Lil' shit almost beat me at SKATE using wierd boneless' and stuff.

afternoon project

This is real deal "Man Coping"

nest redux.

for those who aint seen what we do yet..kings of the trash ramp por vida.

Viva La Nest Life.

Gary Brammer.

This is wet willies waterslide in the derrty derrty STL. fun old spot, heres a front rock.

Table leg pole jam.

This is the thing we built in STL to entertain ourselves.
Brian werner ( learned us all how to do pole jams this day.
good friends, good times, good slams.

More Winter Humbler...

Max, back Boneless tail smacker:

Max doing that single truck grinding thing:

Dirty old brujo learned to front pivot:

Front rocks for everyone!


all pics are taken by me except the pictures of me, which Max took.

Brigham gets it on

heres some pic's of brig's getting busy.. all photo's are mike goetz's @ except the last ramp photo which was taken by Max rees.