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Monday, December 01, 2008

My favorite snapshot from this summer..

The Alaskan Assassin gives his "polar chaka" to Brodahl.

Fucking rad. so very rad. i love it.
Max Rees Photo. Max rules, too. Rules like Billy Dee Williams but white and angry.

The $5 Dream.

In what i hope will be a regular thing i'm gonna share a story now and again about my awesome neighbor, Chappy.

This is Chappy:

and here's todays chappy story..

on two seperate occasion's i've looked out my bedroom window (which faces Chappy's kitchen window) and seen him screaming at his food in the kitchen. The first time i could hear someone full on screaming the lyrics to random cypress hill songs and couldn't find where it was coming from. you see, on our block tweaker bums yell all the time and crazy muttering crackheads are the norm, so i didnt think too much about it until i popped my window to have a smoke. it was then that i saw chappy, sitting at his kitchen table with the door open, red faced, overstimulated and raging as he screamed the first verse of "hand on the pump" into his cereal.

pure awesome, distilled and bottled right there.

the other time we heard some uber high volume bushwick bill rhymes blasting from next door so when we ran around to the window to see what was going on now, we witnessed Chappy again freaking out on some gangsta shit and screaming buswick's rhymes at full volume. i leaned out and asked him, "are you screaming at your cereal again?" to which he smiled and held up his trophy..the very thing that got him hyped enough to bellow some getto boyz in the first place, and said, "Ice Cream...YEEEAAAHHH BBOOOOOYYYYYY!!!!" and he went into his house where the sounds of violent rap ispired hollering continued for another hour or so when Max came over and asked "if we should call him an ambulance, since he's clearly gone crazy."

fuckin love that dude.

Halloween at the park.

Halloween 08 at the park from

Hungryman Roadtrip?

i'm callin' it out. it needs to happen. it's just too funny.
Ultimate Breakfast Tour 2009!
Toast Skateboards

Bad Egg.. is it still running? try
Toast: click the Toast Picture or

Speaking of Toast.. Indiana has a secret breakfast team that's ruling shit these days. their boy Binger got some coverage in the Brutality Video recently and i rode a Toast stick (french?..naaw.) and i liked it alot. plan on buying another, when my current deck dies. Carl, the Toast Hefe is a cool guy who supports his riders. Buy shit from all these people, but ya know, we all got preferences. nah'mean?
toastskateboards. com.

I cant find an embed code for the Toast video so just watch it on the site.

9am Sundays

max rees photo's. see his other sick shit at
or don't, i'll post on his shit later anyway..

TRB Build Party

Texas Rose gets shit done. More about the TRB later.

Ressurrection Time Is Nigh.

Today is a new day and a new month, almost a new year so i'm bringing OnwardToDeath back. maybe the fact that i'm stoned enough to try and recover my passwords and stuff has something to do with it? regardless i feel all rambly and school starts in 2 days and this is my last day to be a sketchball that smokes weed at 10am and fucks about all day. i'm nervous about this new transition into responsibility and shit, so i'm gonna purge my anxiety and shit on you. WELCOME. (BACK?) lots of shit has gone down since last post.. i moved from STL back home to the cradle of life i call Portland, Oregon, many a job has come and went, women have come and gone, seasons changed sessions raged and shit happened. This year marked the official birth of Texas Rose and the TRB.. a collective of portland loc's doing DIY shit, aint heard? you will. i blew my knee out completely and had some reconstructive surgery only to come back charging 2 years after the initial ruinage and wreck it again 5 month's later. skateboarding at the level i'm at is kinda over for me now.. literally almost skated mah damn leg off, luckily it took 20-something years of skateboarding to do it. whatever, i guess. we all pay in pain. now, i just have the time to do this shit again. silver lining and whatnot. so you just sit back and watch the stupid unfold day by day. i have lots of it to share. something new at least every 48 hours i promise. readysetgo.