Probably better to read this in a foreign language anyway.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Second Hand Story.

I know this guy, Chris.
He told me this story.
I wish I had gone out that night.

Chris and Jeff went the The Vern one night with some people and as usual everyone got drunk. Late in the evening as everyone was standing outside, this obviously drunk and very mentally retarded chick with her face bleeding, comes up pushing a broken bicycle with wobbly wheels and bent handlebars. (I know, its almost too much to take in all at once. relax and breath.) Somehow they end up in a conversation with the bloody retarded girl, and they find out that she's looking to party, and she wants to REALLY party. I guess they figured that a bloody retarded girl who wants to rage is far too good an opportunity to not exploit in some way. She asks Chris if anyone wants to make out and they proceed to tell the girl that the two guys by a nearby truck are looking to party with her, and she gets all stoked about it, but the two guys by the truck are people we work with and they know nothing of this exchange. Jeff tells her that those two guys wanna get fucked up and make porn flicks with her. She gets super excited and asks what else they are into, so Chris in a moment of utter brilliance tells her, "..those dudes wanna take you home and let you do big lines of coke off their cocks." As soon as she hears this she takes off for the truck on her busted bike. The two poor saps in question are totally oblivious to the drunk, bloody, oversexed retard on a broken bicycle zeroing in on them from across the street. She wobbled her way to the rear of the truck and picked up her bicycle. The two guys never knew she was there until her bike came crashing down from an overhead slam into the truck they were leaning on...and by then it was too late.
She was upon them and she was not going to be denied.

So, that how it is, then?

People are funny if you listen.

regarding Skateboarding:

"anything bigger than 6 feet is too big for the midwest." -K
"..Somebody has to make money from it, you want free [skate]parks?..go back to Oregon." -GS
"Why would i want to go to Skatopia? I skated The Turf. That's just as gnarly." -K
"The town of Whiting Indiana won't let us go back. we're banned. the cops said get out and don't come back." -BP
"You don't like falling down? Get the fuck outta the park, kid." -G

Random Stuff:

"Dude! It's not like i PLANNED on smoking crack under a trailer or anything." -JT
"You totally just got head from a dude in the alley!" -BP
"Hey bitch, wanna make out!? -JT at passing chick
"Sure. should I spit out my gum?" -Her response

HxC shows are lame, but...

The band is R.A.M.B.O, and they are from Philly. The kiddies at these shows lose their fucking minds! Rambo shows are a total riot, literally. The band wears camo and stages huge riot re-enactments with kids in the pit dressed up as Cops vs. Protestors, Cops vs. Vikings, etc...pretty rad.
below is a live clip that illustrates what it's like to be at a R.A.M.B.O show quite nicely.

Yeah, YouTube and I have been bonding lately...I know.