Probably better to read this in a foreign language anyway.

Friday, March 10, 2006

The paying attention in wood shop award.

I got an old friend who builds ramps in the Pacific Northwest. He's pretty lowkey so We'll just call him "John Miller".
Below you will find some fine examples of his handywork and imagination.
Yeah, I know, It aint concrete and your such a hardcore 'crete cowboy that you sneer at the mere mention of masonite..we get it. But when it rains for 30 days straight, you wouldn't be such a simpering crybaby if you had one of these bitches in the garage.

What The Fuck?

A bit of WTF sickgnar going on over at Crailtap..Check this crazy shit out. Those dudes have the best random daily footage. Paw is a "TapWatcher".

Worst of the Worst?

Bands that are intentionally so terrible thats it's actually painful to listen to, are awesome. Particularly if the Musicians in question are quite talented, but refuse to show it. My pal Stan had a band like that once...It was a 2 piece band and they would just beat the fuck outta the drums and make muted metal chord noise on a guitar while this Jewish dude, Jay, screamed gutterally in combinations of Yiddish and German. It was so fucking awesome, it could clear a student union in minutes..and that's real power.

Well, good news kiddies! If you too like auditory noise that makes you so physically uncomfortable that you want to leave the room, then FuckTard is just what you need.
Plug this ugly bitch into your browser and feel the irritation.
Get fucked with FuckTard.


Two unnamed vigilante's spent some time under a bridge today...
thats really all anyone needs to know for now.
the space is killer..or so I hear.

Find it, Grind it..

Pool season is upon us here in the STL. if you havent found at least one pool in the next two weeks, your blowin' it.
It don't matter if its got a sissy ledge, a spit gutter or even if its square...just get to lookin'.
Lynch and Lil' Buck are leading the pack as usual.. no police shakedown in crack alley is gonna stop that train.