Probably better to read this in a foreign language anyway.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo's that aren't necessarily good, but I still like that relate to St. Louis.

The laughable "high line" to the bent metal bed rail that was found in the yard, tacked to the top of the plywood for about 5 feet. Ahh.. can't forget to mention the badass dishwasher deathbox.

the above photo of Dan is great. Scope the fuckin' sweet old wood chipper holding this side of the bowl up. The middle section was supported by a dishwasher and the last support object was a console television..all with horse gates stacked against them and surfaced poorly.

Another example of horsegates and shitty plywood scraps used to optimum effectiveness. this stands as is with 5 screws keeping the peace. Junk skating is not about fear or safety concerns.

This is Carter. He's a fun guy. Some of the funniest road mission moments of my life are directly related to Carter. Bombing through Kentucky in a gold Cadillac listening to blaring reggae...Perfect. This ain't my photo, I dont know where it came from. I just have it.

Deaf Brian cracks me up. He teaches me to say disturbing things in sign language and draws Deaf Skateboards related doodles on all my stuff. It's awesome. This was my lighter fluid at a random barbeque. I have pics of several doodles of his that are rad somewhere, I should look.


This is Brian Drowns. he's one of the other nice, artsy, skateboarders that lives next door.He let's me use his camera sometimes to take bad photo's of good ol' skateboarding.

Brian is a photographer and lots of photo's on this blog are a product of his photographic ideas or his equipment in someone's hands.

Brian has photo's in shows and shit, too. In the future I'm going to post links to things he does and things he finds interesting because it's cool shit i normally don't get exposed to. Also he can likely crush your puny ass at Madden.

Thanks Brian.

Young Guns on SkateBlock..

Jason brought the Kid Army over to peep the new ramp and they just straight got outta the car with helmets on and went for it. Kadin and Olaf are the youngest of the TRB, and soon enough they'll be schooling the rest of us on how to make tricks happen. These kids rule.

So, I brought the kids....

"hey old guys...your placement of this box sucks."

Kadin: "hey Dad...this wedge sucks too."

Jason: "skate it anyway, kiddo. this is Portland and this is what we do."

You kids get outta my damn yard.