Probably better to read this in a foreign language anyway.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The November Carnage Report.

This month has been fucked up. There was an assault on skateblock, a broken ankle from pushing on flat and some branding with a garden rake. Seriously, theres not much i can even add to that. here's some photo's.

We'll get started with my neighbor Matt's busted head, dealt out by a tweaker bum on the block. In his words, "you know that scene in Fight Club where they pick a fight and lose?.. that's kinda what I did."

Next up is Jayson's garden rake brand. gnarly. Luke says he has audio, and i'm waiting on that. This is pure birthday masochism. Gnar boots.

and finally we have Brodahl's ankle. I guess even pushing is hazardous. WTF is going on lately?