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Saturday, March 11, 2006


stolen photo happiness.

I ripped this from MySpace, strictly because it makes me happy. no ulterior motive on this one..just look and contemplate this moment.

Ya' just don't see this anymore.

Traffic Skateboards has a new clip up, Featuring REAL STREET SKATING. I mean actually out in the streets using man's clutter for one's own depraved pleasures. It's refreshing to see the kind of magnum rounds this clip comes loaded with. It's good shit I assure you.

Afterthought: What ever happened to Philadelphia Experiment Skateboards? I only ask 'Cause that guy up top with the big snaps is Brannon John and he used to ride for PE.

Caz's Bowl.

"The best wooden bowl I've ridden in my entire life!"- Peter Hewitt.

One of the best indoor sessions the Northwest ever had is alive and kicking. If you've never ridden it you don't even know how much fun this thing is. Oddly enough it's new home is in a modular playground. Whatever, at least it's shredable again!

"Caz Helmstetters Ramp has been re-born! It's now located in Troutdale Oregon at the B2B Indoor Sports Arena.
We need to rally there, it's a make or break year for indoor skating at this location, so if your driving up to Hood to ride, it's on the way home." --Estes

It's basically done and dwarfs the rest of the johnny modular skatepark..however, there was a bit of a problem during the re-construction when it was discovered that the proper "big ass bowl" permit had not been obtained. Caz is pretty renegade, but for now it sits and waits. Apparently, Caz isn't making friends amongst the BMXicans, either. He has been reported as saying that as the new park manager, he wants BMX "phased out" of the park entirely. One invitation to settle the BMX issue the bareknuckle way, has been extended to Caz so far. Did anyone else see Caz's photo's in Big Brother a few years ago? Motherfucker had a big ass handgun in his belt, and his buddy Jim climbs into cow carcasses. I've personally seen Caz transfer from deep to shallow in that bowl with freshly cut chicken feet flying out of his overalls, and splatting onto the deck. Yeah, biker badass...go ahead and fight this dude. good luck.
Photo from Old Man On A Skateboard. It's a fun read, and cooler than this is. The Honcho on that site, MC, has VIDEO of him skating the bowl when it was in Corbett. I ain't got that kinda action. Go there, when your done here.


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