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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Ghetto Masonry

We made coping. really sketchy, fucked up type coping. we used bricks and a tube of liquid nails. I gotta say its pretty killer. its dodgy and instant death to your shins, but its perfect for fakie shit requiring pop and makes the best noise when you slash it. fuckin' A right. The fact that it just grabs your trucks and flings you into the ground sometimes, is of little consideration.

Do What Must Be Done.

Hesh Grill.

The biggest upside of having a "Sanford and Son" junkyard at your house, is the ability to MacGuyver together all sorts of sketchy yet useful things. For example, lets talk about our barbeque grill. For a long time, we didn't to have one, mostly because we killed the Lil' Rusty Wallace grill. So when we wanted to grill some shit up for the session awhile back we were a bit screwed. In dire need of a grill my attention turned to the enormous pile of crap in the yard at the Shit Palace, and after a few minutes of creative thinking, a solution presented itself. After digging around in the pile, I procured some filing cabinet drawers for the coal chamber, and some random weight bench weights to elevate the grill off the ground. I went inside and took the oven rack from the house, placed the whole contraption on the "Yard Television" and suddenly the Hesh Grill was born. It turns out that file drawers are ported all along the sides for optimum airflow, and it works wonderfully. its almost as cool as making a "Beach Grill" out of a tire, a can of sterno and a street sign.
BBAMN. Barbeque By Any Means Neccessary. BB guns are back!

Snapshots from the last grillin':