Probably better to read this in a foreign language anyway.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Survival School.

What don't kill a man only makes that motherfucker harder.

The posts have sorta stopped flowin for a minute. been busy as fuck with the skoolin' and keepin the hustle going to feed the hate machine.
I'll get back on track soon enough, but I didn't have to get a student loan for this blog, so...priorities.


It being cold as shit up in Portland is certainly not helping my motivation. snow is wack. just sayin'. Lots of good fun has come from the cold though.. once again this year we smashed a bunch of our furniture and burnt it in the fireplace. straight up.. goodwill firewood is way cheaper than chopped wood, and you get to break shit. Sometimes it goes too far and you end up breaking shit you needed to sit on or use frequently, but that's how it goes i guess. The neighbors got all inspired an took up the hobby themselves. Get in on it now kids while the fad is hot...fuck yeah! poverty!'s like the Young Ones over here but with actual smart folks. It's kinda rad to have people over and drink beers while wearing full on ski clothes, indoors. that Bear Grylls dude from that survival show would love hanging out over here. We could build fires with string and sticks and drink our own pee.. or not, we do still have water.

yeah, so thats that for today. I got physics type homework to do and some fire to build in the fireplace, cause like i said, it's motherfucking 18 degrees in my house.

20th century home heating is for pussies.