Probably better to read this in a foreign language anyway.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Jivaro Trip Propaganda. click for bigger if you like. i like to look at it and pretend i'm that rad and go on van tours instead of being only slightly less rad, like i am now. but hey, someone has to stay home and feed the dog.



Does anyone in the top picture seem familiar?

it seems kinda suspect.
more research is warranted.


who's leavin' the damn door open? Brodahl keeps gettin' in here.

ollie to pivot, ollie out.

some feeble fakie action

some snap's from the house that Texas Rose Built. -Krause Photos.

Wise Words of The Day:


Old shit Danboy and I shot.

Kiowa at West Linn

All Hail The Combine King!


Tigard Park, late summer...

Paw unloads a Back Disaster, hoping to deal out an "T":

"yo, condor style sketch foot powers activate!"


Comin' in hot.

Fuckin' A, Right!

Ain't Tellin...

But It's Local.

More Thrillkill...

Second Hand Story episode II:

Thrillkill's 22nd birthday just passed and after vomiting in his chair at the Speak he skated off to find his fortune...only to be seen mere blocks away bouncing off a building and landing in the street, puddle style. another sighting later that evening places Thrillkill in a life and death fistfight with some newspaper boxes and trashcans. Upon being rescued from that peril and with a few parting swings at the offending trash receptacles he was loaded into a car and taken home where he stormed in and made it completely and utterly clear that the two dudes chilling on the couch with his old lady had to promptly "Get the fuck out." At that point his rescuer abandoned ship to the parting sounds of an impending bad scene.. never have such warm and friendly spoken gems tinkled to the sidewalk on the breeze as "who the fuck are you guys? wait..who cares, you gotta go.", and "get the fuck outta my house."

Best be movin' on now, i reckon.."


gotta draw the line somewhere i guess...

Go Skate While Your Knees Still Work.

"its always pumping in your veins, its always in your head. you are willing to make every sacrifice. physically, mentally, financially, criminally. it is love, life, its what keeps you going. once its gone you are dead."

Funny. I wrote that years ago on a notepad when i could charge at shit and my body worked correctly. Now from the other side of that fence, I don't feel dead.. Just really bitter that I never got a good F/S Invert.

Jivaro News...

Word is that Jivaro has a new cruiser wheel. I aint seen it yet, but we all know the wheels are good by now, right? order a set of jivaro's RIGHT GOD DAMN NOW. or

this is Max Rees..

He lives next door and he's one of those educated artist asshole types. He's all nice and shit and works in a group home while volunteering to teach photography to homeless kids and going to school. whatever, man.. too motivated for me.

max can skate,.

Max takes photo's like these.

sometimes he smiles, probably because he knows so many hot chicks. that's surely a reason to smile.

and sometimes he's all aggro and fucks shit up. Like when you get drunk and keep calling him a pussy to see what he'll do.

but mostly he takes rad pictures and you will go look at them now on his website thingy then hire him to take pictures of your hot daughter/sister/mom who's now a stripper, or go skating or whatever.

anyway, max has contributed nearly all the pics in recent posts and we can all thank him for that.
as a way to show my appreciation i won't call him a wuss in print or anything, cause he gets all riled up about that kind of abuse and wants to fight. so i'll just say thanks, man.