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Monday, December 29, 2008

Epic Ramp Footage from way back when...

Diggin in the vault! This was shot way back after we built the Epic Skateshop mini in Vantucky. Around 2000-2001

Simpson House Bombers. FTW!<
John Miller made this back then and its been in my DVD rack for years.

Sensativity training

Brodahl's mini.


Brodahl's ramp is loong gone now and has since been reformed along with my old ramp into the monster that the TRB built. some of this ramp went into the fireplace, too. heat is pretty, cool.

Now, at this point feel compelled to call for particular attention to be paid to The Alaskan Assassin's mighty fine haircut.. just sayin'..

Krause grinder..or pivot..maybe to fakie, even. krause is ninja like that.

Point Barrow Blunt

This is a make just based on how hard the hair is stepping.

Holy shit, look at brodahl's slick Rainyday Concepts shirt! fucking hot shit. theres some jason chucking some uphill extension grinding all tough nuts with a smoke in his lip in the photo too, but wouldja just focus with me and look at that rad shirt for a second?

Paw does lipskidders. Coping Dancing Outlaw.

City Hall





Wu Weller

Old photo's from awhile ago... some dudes skateboarding.

Sexy Lady Time?

man's ruin

This is a tattoo of a monkey smoking a crack pipe. Strippers are funny, huh?

random stripping lady snapshot. alright then.

Max photos

Skateblock Part II

A few more pics from the front stoop..

Master Preblon gets it on while the scumbums lurk.

The Knife Hit is Back..

boredom makes dudes go back to middle school type shit..

Fare Thee Well, indeed.

Danboy is on tour in europe. Touring germany, poland, and shit like that. look at this picture and ask yourself whether you want this dude playing guitar in your band.. good luck to Fare Thee Well, with Dan's clumsy ass on board.

The Carnage of Days gone Past..

found some old pics of my Wasted Knee. Enjoy!

It started here.

And ended here.

Still love my skateboard, wicked bitch that she can be.

Welcome to my Oregon.

//PdX::Tejas Roscoe::TrB\\

It's raining and I miss Pistol's.

Pistols was rad. it was indoors and free and mellow and fun. sure it had sticky coping and lots of concrete and wood shit to fall into, but you could footplant the walls, manual out across the stage into the other side, nosepickpick the tiny little window or just skate the couches when you were tired with a bunch of amped little kids and that was awesome. Its rainy forever again, and im bored and i wish there was a teeny little ramp to ride around on right now. boo.

heres some old photo's from the shop of various people.

Not in any order at all: Cody Weaver(toast skateboards rider), Brujo (some dude), Colin (Bacon Hefe), Mark Cronahan (EPM Guy), Jeff Wentworth (super hurricane killer)

All these photo's are taken by Mike Goetz from The Skateboard Archives or Randy Kilwag at skate and Annoy. watermarks denote who is what. go to their sites and look at rad shit. the skateboard archives has tons of awesome photo's of this ramp and everywhere else.