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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Guatemala Tattoo Trip 2017.

We went to Guatamala City to tattoo Gang members from La Limonada, an infamous barrio slum infested with MS13 and 18st gang members. The murder rate is something near 5 times what Chicago's is and the most dangerous country in the world for women, statistically. Neither the police or the Army go into La Limonada. We went there to cover up gangster tattoos that get kids killed. It was a little sketchy, it was definitely not what would be common "western" tattoo practices, and it was like nothing I have ever seen. We worked safely and steadily for several days to bang out a lot of coverups. We met some legendary characters and heard some insane stories. Through all the civil war, gangs, murders, corruption and poverty, there was so much love and heart mixed in with all the tragedy.. but that's Guatemala.  

These are our photographer Aaron Hildebrand's digi photos of the trip. (Various places throughout Guatemala we explored including Antigua, La Limonada, Zone 3, Cemetario General, and Tottugal.)

If youd like more info on where we were, precisely, theres a film called "REPERANDO", thats our people in that flick. Those barrio's. Some of the people in the film are seen in these photos as well.

Enjoy, friends.

Digital photo's by Aaron Hildebrand.
 Aaron Hildebrand of Best Day Ever ///
*Click em for big and purty resolution* 

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