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Monday, December 01, 2008

Hungryman Roadtrip?

i'm callin' it out. it needs to happen. it's just too funny.
Ultimate Breakfast Tour 2009!
Toast Skateboards

Bad Egg.. is it still running? try
Toast: click the Toast Picture or

Speaking of Toast.. Indiana has a secret breakfast team that's ruling shit these days. their boy Binger got some coverage in the Brutality Video recently and i rode a Toast stick (french?..naaw.) and i liked it alot. plan on buying another, when my current deck dies. Carl, the Toast Hefe is a cool guy who supports his riders. Buy shit from all these people, but ya know, we all got preferences. nah'mean?
toastskateboards. com.

I cant find an embed code for the Toast video so just watch it on the site.

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